The Chancellor’s Report

Chancellor’s Report to the Board of Trustees

January 28, 2013 | The Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Matthew Goldstein reports on increased enrollment in the University’s 8-year old winter session program and details the 2013-2014 executive budget, which grants continued fiscal stability. Chancellor Goldstein announced the creation of The New York City College Line Website to help New Yorkers find information on getting into and staying in college. The Chancellor reported on the new The CUNY Student Service Corps initiative which connects students to projects that improve civic, economic, and environmental sustainability of New York City and thanked all those in the CUNY community that volunteered their time and efforts in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

Chancellor’s Report to the Board of Trustees

November 26, 2012 | The Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Matthew Goldstein discusses the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the University’s efforts to lead the recovery. Ten CUNY campuses served as temporary shelters throughout the crisis, providing a safe haven for thousands of New Yorkers. Chancellor Goldstein also discusses ongoing recovery efforts, including the Hurricane Sandy Resources & Services page on www.cuny.edu and the CUNY Helps volunteer initiative. Chancellor Goldstein also previews the CUNY 2013-2014 proposed operating and capital funding requests.

Chancellor’s Report to the Board of Trustees

June 25, 2012 | The Chancellor's Report

After a decade of increasing academic standards, CUNY is graduating more students than ever. In 2011-2012, the University awarded 11,000 graduate, 21,500 bachelor’s and 14,800 associate degrees – up 37.6 percent since 2001. At our community colleges, the Accelerated Study in Associate Programs initiative is expected to grow to 4,000 community college students a year by 2014. Fully 56 percent of the 2,500 ASAP students to date graduated within three years, versus 23 percent nationally and among non-ASAP CUNY students.

Chancellor’s Report to the Board of Trustees

February 29, 2012 | The Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Matthew Goldstein updated the CUNY Board of Trustees on the progress of the Pathways project, an initiative is designed to create a curricular structure that will streamline transfers and enhance the quality of general education across the University. Chancellor Goldstein was joined by Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost Lexa Logue. Dr. Logue detailed advancements in the three critical areas of the Pathways initiatives- the establishment of a common core, CUNY-wide entry courses for transfer majors, and to enable students to transfer all electives between colleges. Chancellor Goldstein also reported on the 2012-2016 Master Plan, which seeks to ensure financial stability for the University, to continue to develop an integrated University, to increase the use of data to inform decision making, increased efforts to control quality, and outlines CUNY’s involvement in the economic development of New York City.

Chancellor’s Report to the Board of Trustees

November 28, 2011 | The Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Matthew Goldstein summarized to the CUNY Board of Trustees the June 2011 New York State legislation requiring the Board to adopt a new tuition schedule and the University’s efforts enhance its financial aid safety net for students in need. The chancellor reported that the safety net will continue to ensure that nearly 60 percent of the University’s fulltime undergraduates receive a tuition free education. The new revenue will also avert faculty layoffs while also provide funding for new faculty hiring, increased student advisement and other services.

Chancellor’s Report to the Board of Trustees

June 28, 2011 | Board of Trustees Meetings & Public Hearings, The Chancellor's Report

Reporting to the Board of Trustees, Chancellor Goldstein congratulated Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state legislators for the passage of an historic new funding mechanism to provide some financial stability for public higher education. The new state law, which calls for small tuition increases while ensuring continued financial aid protections for students in need, is based on the proposals of the CUNY Compact developed by the Chancellor nearly a decade ago. In response to the new appropriations language from the State, the Chancellor requested that the executive committee of the Board meet in the coming weeks. Chancellor Goldstein also reviewed New York City funding policies and the impact on community colleges and efforts to increase private fund-raising.
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Chancellor Reports on ASAP Success

May 2, 2011 | The Chancellor's Report

Reporting to the Board of Trustees on May 2, Chancellor Matthew Goldstein detailed the success of CUNY’S Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP). The pilot program’s target was to have at least half of the original 2007 ASAP class graduate, and the group not only met that goal but exceeded expectations by 10 percent. The Chancellor also discussed the University’s efforts to enhance its position in the marketplace by recruiting and retaining first-class science faculty despite the diminution of resources outlined by the 2011 state budget.
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Chancellor Offers Testimony to State Legislators

February 11, 2011 | The Chancellor's Report

Testifying before the New York State Senate Finance and Assembly Ways and Means committees about the 2011-12 State Executive Budget, Chancellor Matthew Goldstein addressed proposed reductions to the University’s operating budget and the role of the University in the state’s economic recovery and revitalization. “New York’s best economic policy is to have an educated citizenry: the entrepreneurs and change agents, the talented and innovative workforce, the public servants.” Chancellor Goldstein said. “New York’s economic stimulus is already here: it’s our public universities.  Supporting their work is the best investment in the future that New York can make.”
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Reimagining Public Higher Education

January 11, 2011 | The Chancellor's Report

In remarks before the Center for Educational Innovation/Public Education Association, Chancellor Matthew Goldstein called for “re-imagining public higher education,” by creating an environment of institutional entrepreneurship. “Securing the health of our public higher education system is essential to our state and our country’s health,” said Goldstein. “We desperately need an entire citizenry with the skills, knowledge and drive to generate a constant flow of ideas.”
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Chancellor’s Report to the Board of Trustees

December 1, 2010 | The Chancellor's Report

Reporting to the Board of Trustees on November 23, Chancellor Matthew Goldstein discussed efforts to coordinate educational offerings across college campuses and bolster general education, and updated the board on the new community college. He reviewed fiscal conditions of both New York City and the state and their potential impact on the University, and reported on the financial challenges discussed with public higher-education presidents and chief executives from across the country at a two-day national meeting earlier in the month.
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