Podcasts from The City University of New York

Committee on Student Affairs and Special Programs

April 6, 2015 | Newsmakers

Standing committee meeting of the Board of Trustees, Committee on Student Affairs and Special Programs, April 6, 2015.

Executive Committee Meeting of the Board of Trustees

April 6, 2015 | Board of Trustees Meetings & Public Hearings

Executive Committee Meeting of the Board of Trustees, April 06, 2015.

Ken Burns, Geoffrey Ward at Roosevelt House

April 1, 2015 | CUNY Lecture Series, Hunter College

Filmmaker Ken Burns explains what drew him to the lives of Franklin, Eleanor and Theodore Roosevelt, and why their stories are so relevant today. “We found that they were so contemporary. They speak to the central questions of our time,” including notions of human rights, fairness and public service. Burns was joined by Geoffrey Ward, co-creator of the acclaimed PBS seven-part documentary, “The Roosevelts: An Intimate History.”

Bassett Focuses Policy on Advancing Health Equity

March 30, 2015 | CityHealth

Dr. Mary Bassett, the Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, talks about her efforts to transform public policy through the pursuit of health equity strategies. For more than 30 years, Dr. Bassett has dedicated her career to advancing health equity, both domestically and across the globe. She spent 17 years in Zimbabwe working to develop a range of AIDS prevention interventions. As Deputy Health Commissioner she directed initiatives such as the bans on smoking and trans fats in restaurants. Since she became commissioner a year ago, Dr. Bassett has emphasized policies aimed at reducing health disparities through targeting neighborhoods with the highest needs and collaborating with community groups and agencies across the city. She spoke recently at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Executive Committee Meeting of the Board of Trustees

March 26, 2015 | Board of Trustees Meetings & Public Hearings

Executive Committee Meeting of the Board of Trustees, March 26, 2015.

From a Nickel to a MetroCard

March 25, 2015 | Book Beat

Every subway, bus and commuter train in New York is operated by a single government agency, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. But there was a time when public transit was provided by private companies–more than two dozen of them. Andrew Sparberg, adjunct lecturer, CUNY School of Professional Studies, traces the transition of the transit system in “From a Nickel to a Token.”

Board of Trustees Public and Budget Hearing

March 16, 2015 | Board of Trustees Meetings & Public Hearings

Public hearing of the Board of Trustees, March 16, 2015.

Struggling for the Rights of the Disenfranchised

March 9, 2015 | CUNY Lecture Series

In his powerful new memoir, Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption, Bryan Stevenson, founder of the Montgomery-based Equal Rights Initiative, reflects on his lifelong struggle to protect the rights of the disenfranchised, while helping to free scores of others who were unfairly imprisoned. Speaking at Hunter College’s Roosevelt House, Stevenson noted that young often tell him “they don’t expect to be free or alive by the time they are 21.”

Califano Recalls the Johnson White House Years

March 9, 2015 | CUNY Lecture Series, Hunter College

For the generation accustomed to bi-partisan gricklock in Washington, Lyndon Baines Johnson continues to fascinate. Joseph A. Califano Jr.’s revised personal memoir, The Triumph and Tragedy of Lyndon Johnson: The White House Years, explores the Johnson style of leadership that “knew how to make Washington work.” One of the president’s closest advisers, Califano served as chief aide for domestic affairs from 1965 until 1969. He spoke recently at Hunter College’s Roosevelt House.

Nightcrawling in Gentrified New York 

March 4, 2015 | Book Beat

Sociologist Richard Ocejo spent years exploring the changing face of the city through an unusual and revealing lens–the burgeoning bar scene of Lower Manhattan. The John Jay professor tells about it in “Upscaling Downtown: From Bowery Saloons to Cocktail Bars in New York City.”