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CUNY to Serve Up Science This Fall

August 2, 2011

Science CafeServing Science, The CUNY Science Café is gearing up for its fourth year of connecting the New York City community with important and topical scientific research. The science café movement aims to promote scientific literacy beyond the walls of academia by establishing settings for informal researcher-led discussions with a generalist after-work crowd. The CUNY science café program invites top CUNY scholars to present their research in an interactive and easy-to-understand format.

This year’s series kicks off with new Hunter College faculty member, Dr. Jayne Raper. Dr. Raper is working on developing a transgenic cow—one that is resistant to the parasite that causes Sleeping Sickness. The parasite is transmitted through the bites of infected tsetse flies, mainly found in Sub-Saharan Africa. Many scientists are seeking ways to provide immunity for humans, without much success. Dr. Raper, on the other hand, is seeking ways to provide immunity for one of the tsetse flies’ largest host bases, the cow. By making cattle immune, Raper hopes that a significant proportion of the parasite will be eliminated, thereby resulting in fewer human infections.

Click here to visit the Serving Science website for more details about the upcoming fall series.

Fall 2011 Serving Science Schedule
All events are at Kouzan Restaurant on the Upper West Side from 6-7pm. Cover is $10 and includes 1 drink.

Monday, October 3
Jayne Raper (Hunter College)
Saying ‘Good Night’ to Sleeping Sickness

Monday, November 7
Thomas McGovern (Hunter College)
Sustainability and Collapse: Lessons from the Vikings

Monday, December 5
Michelle Fine and Michael Fabricant (CUNY Graduate Center and Hunter College)
Charter Schools: The Promise vs. The Evidence