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The Energy Institute Announces 11 Winners of Electricity Storage Research Seed Grants

September 14, 2011

Twenty CUNY researchers representing seven colleges and a variety of scientific disciplines were recently awarded seed grants from the CUNY Energy Institute to advance electricity storage research. In January 2011, the Energy Institute issued a University-wide solicitation for proposals for innovative electricity storage research that could grow into ongoing projects funded by extramural organizations. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Consolidated Edison Company of New York (ConEd) provided the funding for this initiative.

Teresa J. Bandosz (CCNY) & Dan Steingart (CCNY)
Graphene /MnO2 Composites: Investigation of energy storage capability

Alexander Couzis (CCNY) & Olivia Niitsoo (CCNY)
Using Colloidal Assembly to Engineer Manganese Oxide and Ni Nanoparticles in Cathodes for Alkaline Based Rechargeable Batteries

Todd Holden (QCC), Nidhi Gadura (QCC), Dehipawalage Sunil (QCC) & Tak Cheung (QCC)
Reversible Microbial Fuel Cell with Electrode-Biofilm Optimization

Ilona Kretzschmar (CCNY)
Large Surface-Area Electrodes for Battery Applications

Sharon Lall-Ramnarine (QCC), Robert Engel (Queens), Dan Steingart (CCNY), & James Wishart (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Novel phosphonium ionic liquids for battery, electrolysis and separations applications

Alan Lyons (CSI), Dan Steingart (CCNY), & Stephen O’Brien (CCNY)
3-Dimensional Electrodes for Energy Storage Applications Fabricated by Advanced Printing Technologies

Hiroshi Matsui (Hunter) & Steve Greenbaum (Hunter)
Novel Material Synthesis of LiFePO4 Nanocrystals at Low Temperature using Evolution and Their Assembly into 3D Wired-Cathode of Lithium Ion Battery in Macro-Collagen Grids

Michael V. Mirkin (Queens College) & Dan Steingart (CCNY)
Study of nucleation/growth of metals by combination of nanoelectrochemistry and TEM

Sophia Suarez (Brooklyn)
High Pressure studies of gas hydrates

Raymond Tu (CCNY) & Dan Steingart (CCNY)
Dynamics of nanoscale structure and selective transport in organic electrolytes

Nan-Loh Yang (CSI) & Michal Kruk (CSI)
High energy density ultracapacitors based on nanoparticle of giant dielectric constant embedded in conductive matrix with high surface area