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Nucleosides Help Functionalize Themselves

March 7, 2012

Since the publication of the Fall 2011 Research Newsletter, CCNY Professor of Chemistry Dr. Mahesh Lakshman’s work on C-H bond activation was featured on the inside cover of Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2011 November 25; 50(48): 11404) The article is also listed under “Wiley Hot Topics: C-H Activation.”

Nucleosides are the fundamental building blocks of all genetic material. The study of nucleosides is central to biology and biochemistry, as well to research on therapies for cancer and viral diseases.  Using a metal catalyst, Dr. Lakshman and his colleagues have been able to synthesize highly complex nucleoside analogues.  The chemistry involves use of an embedded nitrogen atom in the nucleoside structure to enable cleavage of a remote carbon-hydrogen bond (C-H bond activation).

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