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C-SURP Spotlight: Stacy Chan, Kingsborough College

January 22, 2014

Stacy Chan in front of her poster detailing her project entitled Parenting style and ADHD symptoms in preschool children predict callous-unemotional and antisocial traits in school-age.

When Stacy Chan began studying chemistry and physics at Mission College and San Jose State University in California, she did not have a very clear vision of how she wanted to her career to progress.  Her subsequent move to New York City and decision to attend Kingsborough Community College helped her define her objectives; she describes herself as a born-again science major. Her own life experiences motivated her to seek an understanding of the mechanics behind psychological disorders.

The C-SURP placed Stacy in the lab of Dr. Jeffrey Halperin, a Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Queens College, where she worked on a project designed to assess whether parenting style and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms in preschool children can act as predictors of callous‐unemotional traits and antisocial behavior among children when they reach school age. Stacy’s primary research tasks involved data analysis of tests taken by the children, and of recorded interactions between children and their parents. These methods were designed to measure the impact of parental attitudes and behaviors on childhood development and learning.

Stacy will be transferring to Brooklyn College for the fall 2013 semester, however she will continue to work with her KCC mentor, Homar Barcena, on his green organic chemistry research. Though Stacy’s major is chemistry, Dr. Halperin was impressed by Stacy’s ability to assimilate unfamiliar psychology concepts and materials, and then apply them. Stacy found that her experience in Dr. Halperin’s lab helped her to understand the bigger picture when it comes to scientific research, and she also benefitted from working in a different type of lab environment.