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Message From Interim Chancellor

September 3, 2013 | News

Since its origin as the Free Academy in 1847, The City University of New York has embraced its mission to educate “the children of the whole people” and by extension, to create a vibrant public sphere. The Academy’s founders believed that a successful college would produce good citizens, enhance social well-being, and bolster democracy.

The CUNY Service Corps is addressing that mission in the most vital and immediate of ways. The Corps gives our students an opportunity to serve the five boroughs of the city and to build their own skills along the way.

In bringing their experience and abilities to bear on the city’s institutions and the many populations these institutions assist, CUNY’s students are stepping outside of themselves into a larger public enterprise. This is the very root of education: to lead out from the concerns of the individual toward the broader civic interests so important to the well-being of our society—and to the well-being of our students, as well.


— William P. Kelly, Interim Chancellor