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Student Spotlight – Andrei Stump, John Jay, 9/11 Memorial & Museum

December 19, 2013 | Members, News

Andrei is our Student of the Month for November 2013.  In his own words:

I work at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.  I’m helping people to be informed about what’s going on at the Memorial, providing information about the new design, explaining what the pool signifies, providing as much education as possible for people who visit.  I’ve come in contact with all sorts of people.  The Memorial can sometimes be overwhelming.  It’s hard to put into words.  I’m filled with passion when I am there.  You have to be passionate about what you are doing.  You have to be passionate in order to educate people about what has happened.

One of the most memorable experiences I had was helping a family that came to visit the Memorial for their son.  At the beginning the mother was holding up pretty well, and so was the father.  They asked me to direct them to their son’s name.  They asked for help with the impression kit.  When the father started moving the pencil up and down, he got very emotional.  That was my first day, and these were the first people I had to help, so I got very emotional too.

This service placement is giving me lots of experience in customer service.  Dealing with people face-to-face or on the phone is one of the toughest jobs a person can have.

I’m very happy with the Service Corps.  I strongly recommend the Corps to anyone who wants to help with their community, get new experiences, see different parts of New York, learn how the city functions, and meet people from different cultures.  I would love to see more students get involved.  This program will change their mentality and change their lives.

Remember I’m just one of many.  I’m not the only one.