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Student Spotlight – John Cosentino, CSI, Jewish Community Center

December 19, 2013 | Members, News

John is our Student of the Month for October 2013.  In his own words:

The CUNY Service Corps gives students the opportunity to take the initiative that more people should take.  I saw so much pride for CUNY at the launch event for everyone at John Jay.  The students in the Service Corps are really doing something with their colleges.  I enjoy my fellow members – there’s a community feel with these students that I greatly appreciate.

I am placed at the Jewish Community Center of Staten Island.  It’s a nice place that offers programs for people with special needs, the elderly, and people in the community.  My colleagues there are very professional, intelligent, and hard-working.  I’ve realized that no one makes money off of this work.  This organization exists solely to serve the community.  I’m learning so much about non-profits.

In my service placement, I bounce between marketing and human resources.  I do many things that may seem little but I realize that they are really important things.  Someone has to do the little tasks.  Their effects magnify and magnify.  I’m helping an entire organization that exists solely to aid Staten Island and that was built by people who love their fellow man.

For students thinking about the Corps, I would say that this program has given me an overall experience.  I don’t know what I’m going to do after graduation.  This has given me experience in different fields.  Now I can say I’ve been involved in human resources, marketing, and accounting.  I am serving my community directly, and I am getting paid.