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Student Spotlight – Landy Defamilia, John Jay, Wildlife Conservation Society

January 27, 2014 | Members, News

In his own words:

My major is Fire and Emergency Service, and my minor is Chemistry, and I’m a junior at John Jay College.  My service placement is with the Wildlife Conservation Society, and I work at the Queens Zoo.  Many people ask how this work connects with my goals.  I tell them that there’s nothing wrong with being well-rounded!  My desire is to go into the medical field. If I can appreciate wildlife, then I can appreciate human life as well.

At the zoo, I work for the education department.  I support the instructors, conduct tours, help with lesson plans and animal fact sheets, and I’ve learned about the animals and their stories.  The purpose of the Wildlife Conservation Society is to instill an appreciation for wildlife in people, and now I have that.  I know about the animals.  I understand.

When I conduct tours, I have to use interpersonal skills. I do tours by myself.  I’m usually dealing with a large group of people.  That’s a stressful situation that can be nerve-wracking and intimidating.  I’ve learned that it’s okay to not know all of the answers.  That’s not a failure – that’s a learning experience.

I love working at the Queens Zoo!  The zoo is quiet and small and helps me to be at ease.  It’s a stress reliever.

Anyone interested in the Corps should be open-minded.  They should realize that change doesn’t always happen on a large scale.  Community service is an umbrella for so many things.  Doing community service is not just for others; it’s for you too.  If you want to find yourself, you can do it through service.