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Student Spotlight — Dennika Peters, KBCC, Fifth Avenue Committee

March 31, 2014 | Members, News

In her own words:

I am very grateful to the CUNY Service Corps for the opportunity to be a member.  Being an International Student, I got the opportunity through the Service Corps to learn more about New York.  Through the matching fair, I saw that there were a lot of non-profit organizations that help the community in different ways.  Had I not been a part of the Service Corps, I would’ve left New York not knowing this.  It feels good to be part of such an organization that wants to assist those that give help to the community.

I was placed with the Fifth Avenue Committee, Inc (FAC). This organization develops and manages affordable housing, provides adult education, organizes residents and workers, and creates economic opportunities.  At Fifth Avenue Committee, I have gained hands-on experience about what goes on in such an organization.  Being a non-profit, they need donors to survive, so I have seen how they go about getting funds to carry out the different projects they do.

If all the organizations are anything like FAC, then all participants will have a great experience in the Service Corps.  Not a week goes by that I’m not told how appreciative they are to have me.  They make me feel a part of the organization and all staff is approachable and friendly and not intimidating.

Another reason I am grateful to the Service Corps is that it is a paying program.  International Students can only work in school or through the school in a program like this.  Being paid alleviated some cost of living issues that can be bothersome for International Students.

I would recommend the CUNY Service Corps to others students.  It will help them to gain work experience and help them to work as a team player.  Participants become ambassadors for their colleges — and in my case also for my country (I have my supervisors in my department at FAC wanting to go to St. Vincent and The Grenadines).

Thank you, CUNY Service Corps, for the opportunity and the experience and for friendships gained throughout this year.