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Student Spotlight – Immaculee Fabre, Lehman College, Global Kids, Inc.

March 31, 2014 | Members, News

Immaculee is our Student of the Month for February 2014.  In her own words:

I was born and raised in Haiti.  My parents wanted me to finish school in the States, so we moved to New York 12 years ago for me to start high school.  After I graduated from high school, I was not sure exactly what I wanted to do, which is normal.  I took some time off and worked full-time for a major retail company.  Because of my work ethic and performance, I was given the opportunity to travel throughout the States and Ireland to participate in and coordinate a new store opening.

When I was in Europe working, something amazing happened, and that was the exposure to a different culture, to different people, their attitude and disciplines.  After I had come back to the U.S., I looked back at all I’d accomplished with the company.  I, then, decided to go after my passion and complete my education.  I wanted to work with people, I wanted a career, something that will not only be beneficial to me but the community as well.

I enrolled full-time at Lehman College and I am proud to say that after two years, I will be graduating this May with my Bachelors in sociology (with an education, race, and urban studies concentration) and two minors in psychology and business administration.  At Lehman, I’m involved in many leadership activities and a variety of volunteer work.

The Service Corps program has given me and others the opportunity to become involved in communities throughout the city.  With the CUNY Service Corps program, I have been able to demonstrate my leadership role, my ability to multitask, as well as my willingness to learn and develop.  At Global Kids, my placement site, I am placed at two different school sites, Long Island City High School and West Side High School, to co-facilitate youth training and development.  At Long Island City High, we run after-school programs to better provide the students all the supports and resources they need academically.  At the West Side High School, I participate in teaching where the students receive full credit toward their graduation.  I have helped facilitate the classroom with the topic for the day provided by the Global Kids staff.  I have also learned how to create workshops and curriculum for my supervisor on topics ranging from local to global issues, climate change, human rights, and other issues affecting people’s lives.

What has the Service Corps meant to me? Well, I am very excited and feel ready for my future career because everything that I have learned and gained throughout my life and the Service Corps has led me to amazing opportunities and advancement.  Overall, the Service Corps has given me the opportunity to focus on the NYC school system and the students, to be able to understand what the students need in order to succeed academically.  I, myself, have understood that I am the support and guidance the students have needed.  In addition, because of the service I’ve performed and the skills I’ve gained, I’ve been offered an interview with Children’s Corps to work as a caseworker; and in July, if I accept an offer with the Japanese Consulate, I will be moving to Japan to become an assistant language teacher.