Honing Future Leaders

August 13, 2008

The summer 2008 issue of CUNY Matters contains a page-long article on the CUNY Leadership Academy. The article tells the stories of several CUNY students who have recently attended national student leadership conferences. I am very pleased to say that this marks the very beginning of the new University-wide CUNY Leadership Academy. Because the research shows that students are leaving college under-prepared in leadership training, my goal is to provide opportunities for every one of our students to exit CUNY with solid leadership experience and skills.

The Executive Director of the CUNY Leadership Academy is Dr. Joe-Joe McManus who brings both impressive experience and passion to this new endeavor. As it grows, the CUNY Leadership Academy will offer programs that will educate student leaders through workshops, student organizations, conferences and courses. The CUNY Leadership Academy will offer professional development, research, and program incubation opportunities in leadership for CUNY staff and faculty as well. Additionally, the Academy will introduce a co-curricular transcript program that will function as a resume of a student’s outside-the-classroom activities, including leadership activities. This transcript, available to all students, will complement their academic transcript.

Colleges throughout the CUNY system have devoted much time and effort into creating extraordinary leadership development programs. We are collaborating with the Colleges to build upon their successes and create a cutting edge University-wide leadership program. Leadership is an essential skill for current and future student success. Dr. McManus and I are committed to creating a world-class leadership program at CUNY that is available to all students. Our journey is just beginning; we hope you will join us in building the CUNY Leadership Academy.

To read the CUNY Matters article and learn more about the CUNY Leadership Academy, go to: