Student-Held Health Education Coordinator Position a Plus for Campus Wellness Center

January 18, 2012

Forging connections to students has always been a priority at the Graduate Center’s Wellness Center and Student Health Services. Then about two and a half years ago the school developed the student-held Graduate B fellowship position—a creative way to more effectively promote wellness by having a current student provide information on health and health-related issues. Bringing special insight and the perspective of an “insider” to the table, the student health-educator works in collaboration with the Nurse Practitioner/Director and the Administrative Coordinator to assess the health education needs of the Grad Center student body and helps plan accordingly. Former grad fellow and student, Karla Felix, will attain her P.h.D in psychology in 2012, and now works full-time at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Karla emphasizes the need to widely promote health events and seminars to students so that they can take advantage of all the services CUNY provides, adding “My work at the campus health center has been a great experience—it has assisted my future career and allowed me to be part of developing important programs and services.” Another resultant outcome has been the “symbiotic relationship between students and health service staff,” reports Adraenne Bowe, Director of Student Health Services at the Graduate Center.

Duties of the position include planning, organizing and managing wellness workshops and promotion events, writing health-care news items for the Health Services website or student newspaper, and updating and maintaining a library of health promotion materials at the Wellness Center.  The student’s area of study need not be in the Health Sciences, but he or she must have a knowledge of health and wellness conditions, an ability to research and organize information, a familiarity with public health needs and trends, plus program planning, writing and education skills.