CUNY Champions President Obama’s Directive On Undocumented Youth

October 11, 2012

During September and October, CUNY demonstrated its commitment to the federal government’s directive called “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) with activities to service and support undocumented youth. CUNY-wide actions included emailing students to advise them of the service and posting information on the University website. Students were encouraged to sign up for help at the Citizenship Now! Following that, they were contacted about events held on their campuses. Early updates had more than 2,024 students responding that they qualify for the program. Through CUNY Citizenship Now!, led by Baruch College professor and attorney Allan Wernick, attorneys assisted students with completing their applications, answering questions, and providing photographs at no charge. Campus liaisons helped to promote and co-organize the events with Citizenship Now!