CUNY Trustees and Chancellery Meet with Student Government Leaders at Annual Dinner

January 23, 2013

On December 10th at Baruch College, CUNY Trustees and the Chancellery met with Student Government Leaders at an annual dinner and discussion forum.

The purpose of the event was to hear from student leaders and to respond to their questions and concerns. Key Items discussed included the Pathways Initiative and requests for additional information; opportunities to extend support for students with disabilities on CUNY’s campuses; textbook prices; TAP and financial aid; availability of resources for international and undocumented students; and students’ concerns regarding their continuing studies that have been impacted by the October Hurricane Sandy storm.

Present at the dinner were 19 student leaders along with Vice Chairperson Philip A. Berry, who chaired the event, Trustees Wellington Z. Chen, Rita DiMartino, Peter S. Pantaleo, Kathleen M. Pesile, Charles A. Shorter, Kafui K. Kouakou, and Terrence F. Martell; Chancellor Matthew Goldstein, Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost Alexandra Logue, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer Allan H. Dobrin, Senior Vice Chancellor and Board Secretary Jay Hershenson, General Counsel and Senior Vice Chancellor Frederick P. Schaffer, Senior Vice Chancellor Marc V. Shaw, Vice Chancellors Frank Sánchez, Pamela Silverblatt, Gillian Small, Gloriana Waters, Associate Vice Chancellors Brian Cohen and Matthew Sapienza, Senior University Dean Robert Ptachick, Director Robert Lemieux (representing VC Iris Weinshall), and Executive Assistant to the Chancellor Barbara Cura; Central Office, Office of Student Affairs, and Office of the Secretary of the Board of Trustees staff.