News From Project Reach

October 31, 2013

Project REACH Funding Renewed: Thanks to the generosity and support of the FAR Fund, Project REACH will continue its groundbreaking work. The FAR Fund announced that the program was approved for renewal grant funding of $100,000 for another full year. To have a grant renewed, programs must demonstrate measurable success. Project REACH thanks Shirlee Taylor of the FAR Fund for her guidance and support throughout its first year, and looks forward to another successful year.


Project REACH Award: Among many accolades this past year, PROJECT REACH recently received an unsolicited financial award from the Alexander Tognino Foundation. (The Alexander Tognino Foundation is committed to supporting exceptional education, healthcare and special needs programs.) For Project REACH, the award confirms the excellent strides it is making and that it provides an innovative approach to helping students on the spectrum to succeed. Project REACH extends thanks to John Tognino and the Alexander Tognino Foundation for the prestigious award and for their support and guidance from the Project’s inception.