Muhammad Arshad Elected University Student Senate Chair, 2013-2014

December 3, 2013

Arshad MUHAMMAD W. ARSHAD was elected the twenty-eighth chairperson of the University Student Senate for 2013-2014. A master’s degree candidate in the Public Service Management Program at City College’s Colin L. Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership,
Mr. Arshad brings many years of student service, advocacy and leadership to the USS and CUNY Board.

He began his academic career at LaGuardia Community College, where he served as the student ambassador and president of the Muslim Student Association. At CCNY, Mr. Arshad was the undergraduate student government senator, executive vice president of Undergraduate Student Government and chairperson of the Student Election Review Committee. He also served as vice chair for senior college affairs and chairperson of the scholarship committee in the University Student Senate.

In his new posts leading the University Student Senate and as an ex officio, voting member of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Arshad’s vision is to “mobilize students by surveying the key issues affecting us in the day-to-day and then truly collaborating as a united student coalition so we can maximize our political influence as CUNY students.” Further, his priorities are ensuring that CUNY remains “accessible and affordable” by working hard to revive programs such as the Peter F. Vallone Academic Scholarship and “increasing student representation by providing grassroots advocacy training within the USS to help protect and further empower student advocacy in CUNY.”

Born and raised in Pakistan, Mr. Arshad is also fluent in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. At the Colin Powell School, Arshad is a research fellow in the Public Service Management Research Program. He is conducting research on cross-cultural leadership in the public and government sectors to help managers and leaders succeed in settings with diverse cultures and communities under the supervision of Professor George Mitchell.