LaGuardia Community College: Sustainability in the Know – Eco-friendly Coffee Cups

January 23, 2012

By Anthony N. Lugo, Director, Auxiliary Services & Sustainability

This semester you will notice something different about your coffee cup. If you buy a 12oz coffee in the cafeteria or are having an 8oz coffee at a catered event or meeting on campus, your coffee will be served in an eco-friendly cup. The coffee cup, decorated with a green leaf, is made from 100% renewable sources. Unlike traditional cups, these coffee cups aren’t manufactured using petroleum-based paper or plastic. Instead they are produced from renewable sources like corn, sugar and bamboo. The 12oz and 8oz cups were selected because they are used the most – furthering the College’s efforts at reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainability on campus.

The Sustainability Council would like to thank the College’s foodservice provider, MBJ, for agreeing to introduce these “green” coffee cups at no additional cost to students, faculty and staff. Moving to more eco-friendly cups comes at a higher cost for consumers. MBJ continues to do its part to advance sustainability on campus, from recycling cooking oil to offering .20 cents off coffee when using a travel mug to Meatless Mondays.

Sustainability is a collaborative effort. The Sustainability Council continues to work with the College community and College’s business partners to identify and offer eco-friendly alternatives.