Sustainability Trends From the CUNY EO4 Report

November 29, 2012

CUNY’s annual New York State Executive Order # 4 (E04) Report summarizes CUNY’s progress toward becoming a more sustainable institution. Highlights in the CUNY report includes an increase in annual recycling rate of 53%, with almost 19,000 tons of materials recycled since 2008 – avoiding emissions equivalent to over 112,000 barrels of oil.  CUNY’s annual paper purchases have fallen 25%, avoiding emissions equal to a further 22,000 barrels of oil during the same period. The E04 report tracks developments in a number of areas, including energy & water conservation, waste and recycling activity, planning, community engagement and procurement behavior. While much of the report is narrative in nature, data is collected on waste & recycling volumes as well as paper purchases. A case study assessing the trends from 2009 to 2012 has been compiled. EO4 Trend Report 2012