New Community College Embraces Student Sustainability Ideas

March 1, 2013

Students from the New Community College’s ‘City Seminar’ interdisciplinary program presented a host of recommendations for how the newest college in the CUNY family could minimize its environmental impact and contribute toward CUNY’s goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions 30% by 2017. Working in teams of four through the Fall 2012 semester, some 80 first-year students researched and assessed the sustainability issues impacting the NCC campus, producing a series of policy recommendations for the college as part of their learning assignment. These included ways to impact copy paper and water use, lighting efficiency, improving signage for campus-wide recycling containers, innovations in paper cup reduction, e-waste disposal and installing BPA/PVC-free bottle filling hydration stations. All proposals were heard by a panel of senior college decision-makers who offered questions and comments to each student group. NCC plans to dedicate a modest budget to implement a selection of the student ideas.Student Sustainability Presentation 12.13.12 #1