Baruch Recycling Project Wins Productivity Award

March 1, 2013

Executive Vice Chancellor Allan Dobrin has awarded Baruch College’s Sustainability Task Force and their partners in Campus facilities with a Productivity Award for their efforts to improve waste collection and recycling at the college’s Vertical Campus building. The award follows the college’s decision to do away with over 1,600 individual trash and recycling bins from classrooms and other areas, instead concentrating waste and recycling receptacles in high visibility, high traffic areas of the building. Not only have recycling rates increased dramatically at the college, but the redeployment has saved time and money for the custodial staff, which now have significantly fewer pick-ups to make. The Task Force at Baruch, led by Mindy Engel-Friedman, Associate Professor of Psychology, and made up of Baruch students, faculty and staff, serves as the college’s Sustainability Council. The team and their partners from the custodial staff spent many months observing, researching and planning how best to deploy waste receptacles to capture as much recycling as possible without increasing custodial staff workload. The team also monitored the impact of the changes.