Grant Funding Available for ‘Rocket’ Composter

March 25, 2013

New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation has highlighted a grant funding opportunity to purchase a ‘Rocket’ composter for your campus. Funding of up to $100,000 is available through State Farm Insurance’s ‘Service Learning Grant’.

Lehman College has operated a Rocket composter since 2010. The Rocket transforms organic material (food and yard waste) into useable compost in 2 weeks, is self-contained and if operated correctly, presents no odor or pest problems. The Rocket requires approximately 30 minutes of labor per day and operating costs are minimal electrical power and wood chips if yard waste or other ‘browns’ are not available to break down with food waste. The Rocket comes in several sizes – note it is important to understand how much food and/or yard waste you typically generate in a week in order to purchase the correct size composter.

The grant applications, due May 3rd, 2013, are also open to other forms of service learning that advance sustainability and environmental responsibility. Please review the ‘Grant Supplemental Outline‘ link for further details of the funding criteria.