ACE Awards Community Colleges 5 Million for Energy Efficiency Projects

September 12, 2013

Early this summer NYC DCAS announced the Accelerated Conservation and Efficiency (ACE) Program to fund identified and implementable capital projects that further the City’s greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goal. The Department of Energy Management (DEM) recognized that there was a huge potential for projects that will improve energy efficiency in the City’s buildings and operations, and sought to leverage Agencies’ existing project delivery mechanisms for quick ‘shovel ready’ cost effective GHG reduction activity across Agencies’ building and facility portfolios.

CUNY’s Community Colleges, along with all other City Agencies, were given an opportunity to compete for these Capital Funds for energy saving projects.  Despite the tight deadline and complex application process, CUNY campuses with support from Facilities, Planning and Construction Management collectively submitted more than 50 projects, valued at more than $7,500,000. After a rigorous and systematic evaluation of all ACE proposals, including a technical assessment to validate cost and savings estimates, CUNY was awarded over 5 million dollars in capital funds for 25 projects. Future funding opportunities will be announced at a later date.