Charting the Growth of Solar in New York

December 30, 2013

In 2012, New York State installed nearly 60 MW of solar electric capacity, ranking 10th nationally, and 10th in cumulative installed capacity. Through Governor Cuomo’s NY-Sun Initiative, New York State has committed $1.5 billion over the next 10 years to quadrupling the amount of new solar installed over 2011 levels, in part by reducing the costs of installing solar for residents. It is projected that in 2013 New York State will rate 5th in residential solar installations across the country.  Collaborative efforts are essential to ensure that the NYS market will be ready to accommodate this growth and to position New York to continue to attract the many industries that support solar. CUNY’s NYSolar Smart program is working in parallel under the NY-Sun Initiative and the U.S. DOE SunShot Initiative Rooftop Solar Challenge II to reduce the costs of installing solar across New York.


* Through October of 2013

The cumulative solar capacity installed in New York from 2007 through October 2013 is at least 265 megawatts, adding $1.57 billion to the New York State economy. This megawatt count was culled from NYSERDA, LIPA Incentive data, the Long Island Solar farm, NYPA as well as Con Edison.  Additional kilowatts and perhaps even megawatts are being generated within New York from additional solar farms as well as from citizens who install solar off-grid and without incentives. Further, Con Edison reports well over 300 projects currently in the queue in NYC, with the rest of New York reporting upwards of 35 MW waiting to be installed. In addition, New York City recently announced a ~10MW project on Staten Island. Largest Solar Site in NYC Announced