New York Solar Permits Tackle ‘Stratification’

December 30, 2013

Thorough the NY-Sun Initiative CUNY worked with stakeholders to develop the NYS Unified Solar Permit, based in part on the Long Island Unified Solar Permit Initiative. As NYS is composed of 1550 municipalities, each potentially with a different permitting process, creating a unified permit can reduce stratification of the installation process in New York State.

The varying permitting processes currently required by municipalities lead to as much as a 40% difference across counties in cost per solar watt installed.  NYSERDA is offering incentives to municipalities through September 2014 (or when funds are expended) of up to $5,000 under the Cleaner Greener Communities programs for adoption of the permits. NY-Sun Unified Solar Permit to Streamline Permitting Processes throughout State

CUNY, NYSERDA and NYPA traveled the state in November and early December, conducting regional workshops in order to encourage municipalities in Nassau and Suffolk County to adopt the LIPA permit and for the remainder of the state to adopt the newly developed NYS Unified Solar Permit. The workshops outlined the NYSolar Smart Project, reviewed available incentives and conducted a roundtable discussion on the development of a unified permit for commercial and large installation with NYS installers and Hatch Engineering.