NYS Solar Installer Roundtable Launched under U.S. DOE Program

December 30, 2013

Collaborative efforts are essential to ensure that the New York solar market will be ready to accommodate solar growth and poise New York to continue to attract the many industries that support solar. Under the NYSolar Smart project, CUNY has formed the New York State Solar Installer Roundtable in order to provide input to the NYSolar Smart project and establish a communication network to inform the installer industry of advances. The Roundtable communicates via google group messages, webinars and regional workshops or connection events.

In 2007 CUNY formed the NYC Solar Installer Roundtable under an earlier U.S. Department of Energy initiative with NYC-based installers providing integral ‘boots on the roof’ input into the NYC installation process. Last year percentage growth, year over year, of solar in NYC outpaced the growth of solar across the country.

If you are an installer interested in joining the NYC or the New York State Solar installer roundtable please send an email to: nysolar@cuny.edu