The World to NYC

July 1, 2014

Sustainable CUNY, in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and New York International, has launched a global initiative to bring the most promising startup companies from around the world to present their solutions in the context of continuous urbanization and its economic opportunities for New York City’s citizens, businesses, and beyond. Applications will open July 1 and close August 22.
‘The World to NYC – Global Industry Challenge’ requests international companies focusing on the application of technology to urban sustainability to apply to participate in a highly-selective, three-day program. Taking place September 29 – October 1, W2NYC will allow each company to present and pitch, promote partnerships with local and national enterprises, venture capital firms, and New York City representatives, and take part in panel discussions, fireside chats, and local company site visits. The program will enhance discourse on what smart and sustainable cities will look like in the future.
The program focuses on digitally-enabled technologies that make cities more intelligent, efficient, and resilient by optimizing use of energy, resources, and the built environment. This includes software, hardware, and connected devices. Companies of particular interest have demonstrated success in the areas of mobility and transportation, energy (including clean generation, smart grid, and efficiency) or intelligent infrastructure. Strong applicants will be able to show a commitment to international expansion, as well as long-term growth potential.
The W2NYC fall program is the second of two signature events presented by NYCEDC and New York International in 2014. With more than 300 key stakeholders from NYC’s new manufacturing sector attending, the spring program proved to be a huge success.
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