March 15, 2017

The results are in, with CUNY earning ‘top performer’ among all NYC participating entities in NYC’s  Demand Response (DR) programs this past summer. DR programs pay large users of energy to cut back on energy use when the grid nears capacity. The NYC Department of Citywide (DCAS) services notified CUNY Conserves that an estimated total of $900,000 will be coming this month to the 18 CUNY campuses that participated in the unprecedented seven DR days during the summer of 2016. This is more than twice the earnings from any previous year with CUNY surpassing all other NYC Agencies. This success was due both to CUNY Conserve’s framework and support, leading to vigorous efforts at the colleges to reduce energy use during the events. CUNY Conserves’ assisted colleges from the outset, by scheduling DCAS to train the colleges and by creating a mock DR event early on before the hottest months. This gave CUNY Conserves and the colleges valuable insights into how to improve performance. CUNY Conserves created a “war room” to support ongoing events, beefed up communications to both the VP’s and the Operators before, during, and after the events, and assisted colleges in tracking and reporting on the ongoing load shedding.