March 15, 2017

A Queens College student, Hira Mohammed, landed a CleanTech Scholar internship on the CUNY Conserves team, thanks to the foresight of the college’s late energy manager and Chair of the QC Sustainability Council, Staci Cohen; who initiated Hira into the world of real time energy monitoring. Hira is an Applied Mathematics major, and has been a big help on all CUNY Conserves initiatives, especially a 5-college real-time energy monitoring project. Using a methodology for tracking actual energy use vs. reported energy use, Hira discovered an electric meter anomaly. Hira found that one meter at Kingsborough Community College was billed as if it was using 1 Megawatt of electricity, when in fact it has been using half of that amount. The dollar savings implied by Hira’s discovery is roughly equivalent to $600,000 annually!     An Energy Management focus on Operations can lead to big savings, and a successful future is predicted for Hira. The Sustainable CUNY CleanTech Scholar program, supported by Con Edison, is looking for STEM students for a variety of projects and is open for applications for this summer and beyond.