Summer 2013 Peak Load Participation Nets CUNY Record $350,000

June 19, 2014 | Campus Sustainability News

CUNY’s participation in the peak load management (PLM) program, operated by the New York Power Authority (NYPA), netted colleges some $350,000 in payments in the summer of 2013, more than any previous year. Soaring temperatures last summer saw a record eight peak load days called by the NYPA. This program rewards colleges financially for temporarily […]

2.9 Million for CUNY Community Colleges in 2nd Round of ACE Funding

June 19, 2014 | Campus Sustainability News

NYC DCAS recently announced the awardees of a second round of funding from its Accelerated Conservation and Efficiency (ACE) Program. ACE was established to fund identified and implementable capital projects that further the City’s greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goal and is open to all NYC Agencies and includes CUNY’s Community College. ACE seeks projects that […]

Lehman College Green Art Contest Winners

June 18, 2014 | Campus Sustainability News

The theme for Earth Day 2014 this year was ‘Green Cities’. Lehman College celebrated with a variety of activities that included a Green Art Contest. Students, faculty and staff were invited to enter works of art made from materials that would have been otherwise recycled, and compete for prizes. Potential directions of Green Art are […]

U.S. DOE Recognizes NY’s Commitment to Increase Solar

June 4, 2014 | Media Release

CUNY Announces Solarize Huntington and Solarize Brooklyn CB6 (June 3, 2014) At the 8th annual NY Solar Summit convened by the City University of New York (CUNY), New York’s power leaders along with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) highlighted the rapidly growing solar market across New York State and the resulting influence on the […]

Sustainable CUNY to Research NYC Grid and Deploy NYS/NYC Financing Solutions

March 11, 2014 | Media Release

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s NY-Sun Initiative continues to establish New York as a front-runner in the solar market with Monday’s announcement of over 28 million dollars in awards designed to reduce the ‘soft costs’ of installing solar and support specific large-scale projects that will add 33.6 megawatts of solar capacity in New York. Sustainable CUNY’s […]

New York Solar Summit

March 11, 2014 | Article

The eighth annual New York Solar Summit will highlight the rapidly growing solar market in New York and the resulting impact on the economy, consumers, regional installers and leading utility companies. The Summit, convened by the City University of New York (CUNY) for solar stakeholders, focuses on NYSolar Smart, a comprehensive strategic program supported by […]

NYS Solar Installer Roundtable Launched under U.S. DOE Program

December 30, 2013 | Article

Collaborative efforts are essential to ensure that the New York solar market will be ready to accommodate solar growth and poise New York to continue to attract the many industries that support solar. Under the NYSolar Smart project, CUNY has formed the New York State Solar Installer Roundtable in order to provide input to the […]

NYC DOB’s Full Service Hub Offers Online Solar Permitting

December 30, 2013 | Article

The NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) Development Hub, initially launched in 2012, has expanded its e-permitting capacity for solar installations with the addition of the Full-Service filing system. Full-Service filing accepts plans for Alt-1, Alt-2, Alt-3, and new building (NB) permit applications, including permits for solar PV and solar thermal. Both NYC Property Tax Abatement […]

Surveying the NY Solar Landscape

December 30, 2013 | Article

In order to best inform the NYSolar Smart program CUNY conducted a state-wide survey of local solar policies and processes in New York under Governor Cuomo’s NY-Sun Initiative. The NYSolar Smart Survey collected data on permitting, interconnection and net metering, planning and zoning, and financing options. In total, 93 jurisdictions around New York State were invited […]

New York Solar Permits Tackle ‘Stratification’

December 30, 2013 | Article

Thorough the NY-Sun Initiative CUNY worked with stakeholders to develop the NYS Unified Solar Permit, based in part on the Long Island Unified Solar Permit Initiative. As NYS is composed of 1550 municipalities, each potentially with a different permitting process, creating a unified permit can reduce stratification of the installation process in New York State. […]