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New York State and Federal Laws Passed to Regulate Sales of College Textbooks

October 7, 2008 | Advisory Memoranda

Over the summer, both New York State and the federal government enacted legislation designed to help make college textbooks more affordable to students by regulating the marketing of those textbooks and improving students’ access to information about textbook pricing. Both laws impose requirements on universities, as well as textbook publishers. Further, faculty members should be […]

ETHICS BULLETIN: FAQ's for CUNY Faculty* re Financial Disclosure Statement Requirements

October 6, 2008 | Advisory Memoranda

As public employees, all CUNY faculty are subject to New York State ethics laws. Pursuant to Public Officers Law § 73-a, certain CUNY faculty (those without exemptions), are required to file an annual Financial Disclosure Statement (“FDS”). Shortly, the New York State Commission on Public Integrity (“NYSCPI”) will be notifying CUNY faculty by email regarding […]