Reminder: Social Security Numbers on Class Rosters

October 18, 2010

To: Provosts and Chief Academic Officers, Registrars and Legal Affairs Designees

This is a reminder that since 2000 New York State’s Education Law has prohibited the inclusion of students’ social security numbers on class rosters or lists of students provided to teachers. Registrars should not be providing rosters with social security numbers to faculty. Faculty should not be emailing or publically displaying rosters or class lists with social security numbers to anyone.

New York Education Law Article 1, Section 2-b states:

“Use of student social security numbers restricted. No public or private elementary or secondary school or college as defined in section two of this article shall display any student’s social security number to identify such student for posting or public listing of grades, on class rosters or other lists provided to teachers, on student identification cards, in student directories or similar listings, or, unless specifically authorized or required by law, for any public identification purpose.” (emphasis added)

Any data breaches relating to a violation of this provision will be investigated.

Memo: Legislation Regarding Student Social Security Numbers September_25_2000