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Memo to Students: New CUNY Policy Regarding Consensual, Intimate Relationships Between CUNY Faculty/Employees and Students

January 30, 2013 | Bulletin

On November 26, 2012, the University’s Board of Trustees revised its policies on equal opportunity, non-discrimination and sexual harassment. The purpose of this memo is to make students aware of a significant change contained in the University’s revised policy against sexual harassment, relating to intimate relationships between CUNY employees and students. CUNY policy now prohibits faculty members and other employees from engaging in consensual intimate relationships with students for whom they have a “professional responsibility.” For example, a faculty member has a professional responsibility for a student in his/her class, or for a student for whom the faculty member is serving as an academic advisor, faculty counselor, or member of a thesis committee. In the case of a non-faculty employee, having a professional responsibility for a student would include coaching a student on an athletic team, supervising a student in a part-time job, or providing the student with guidance or counseling.