February 14th Vet News

February 14, 2007 | Things to Do

For your information. Mid-month (Federal, State and Local) Veteran’s news. Please forward on to others.
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Veteran’s News
(1) VA Budget would send fee hikes to Treasury
(2) Veterans will face budget cuts after increase next year

(3) VA system ill-equipped to treat mental anguish of war

(4) VA Plans 23 new vet centers over 2 years

(5) VA Partnering with States to Help Injured Veterans (VA PR)

(6) Cancer Victim Wins $1 Million, but Can’t Get It (NY – Marine)

(7) NY Diner serves it up free for Combat Vets (Brooklyn)

(8) Bronx VA Vet Study Offers Complimentary Reintegration Counseling (Bronx)

(9) Survivors Twice Over: Housing Homeless Vets (NYC)

Note on story #9: I find it interesting that this story comes on the heels of the city council hearing on veterans homelessness. Talk about timing! I have always said that the “devils are in the details” with this plan and I’m still reserving judgement on what gets accomplished after the 100 days are up and what plan the “task force” comes up with. I still standby my comments that this was not a fully thoughout plan, could have been done better and that the veteran non-profits were brought in as an afterthought. I also find it interesting that in this article, it seems that Ms. Haggerty has become the spokesperson for the group. I am disappointed that every time I try to reach out to her I get no response. I will report on what Mr. Hess say’s at the City Council hearing.