Space Needed for Doe Fund’s Veterans Photography Project!

March 25, 2011 | Other News

I am writing you in the hope you can help me find a CUNY school or Vets
Club that could help us find a space for a photography show for the
veterans of the Doe Funds Veterans Photography Project.

As you know, the Doe Funds Veterans Program has a photography project here
at the shelter.  The guys have produced quite a body of excellent work, and
we want to have a show sometime in early May (www.veteransphotoproject.org
).  We’re planning on inviting the public, our funders and partners, and
other distinguished individuals, including the Mayor or at least
representatives from the Mayor’s Office on Veterans Affiars.  And we’re
working to get some major press coverage as well.  Our problem is we don’t
have a space for the show, or the money for one.  We can do the catering
ourselves, and we usually do an excellent job.  But we have no space.  Is
this something you think a CUNY campus Veterans Club might want to help out
with?  Having the show at any CUNY campus would be great.

We chose CUNY as the ideal site for several reasons.  First, as a Hunter
Alum and a veteran, I know firsthand that CUNY is committed to being a
veteran friendly school and a model for veterans education.  We at the Doe
Fund Veterans Program appreciate and recognize CUNY’s support and volunteer
work with our homeless veterans in the past, and we look forward to working
with them in the future.  Secondly, most CUNY campuses are located in the
neighborhoods were our veterans man the our various Community Improvement
Projects.  The Men in Blue, who clean 150 miles of Manhattan streets
everyday, have a very high profile throughout the city and we are proud of
our work in the communities we serve.  We feel, if done properly, that such
an event at a CUNY campus would bring broad recognition and support for the
great work of our two organizations.  And finally, the reason for reaching
out on such short notice was because plans at a previous space had fell
through.  Considering how hard the men of the photo club have worked on
this project, it would be a shame if we could not show their work in a
manner fitting their efforts.

What we need specifically is a space, such as the main lobby or large
conference room, where we can display about 8 framed pieces, another dozen
or so unframed prints, and then another dozen small prints.  We can either
hang a few pieces, use a few easels for others, or even prop some up
against a wall on top of tables—or some combination of each.  We would like
to have the show open to the public from 1pm until 7pm, and then a closed
show from 7pm to 9pm, with buffet, for our invited guests and press. The
Doe Fund will also cater a buffet, so we would need 3 or 4 tables for
that.  We may also want a few more tables if some want to sit.  We can
provide staff for clean up and we can provide security.    For the closed
showing we will invite about a hundred guests, so we can realistically
expect about 50 or 60 who will actually attend.  The only help we need from
a particular school is help from the  campus Vets Club to maybe post
flyers, and maybe we could have some Vets Club members help to greet our

We would appreciate anything a CUNY school can do to help us make this a
wonderful event, not only for our vets and our program, but for CUNY
veterans as well.  If you need any more information, or wish to meet to
discuss this further, please let me know.


Thomas Popowich, MSW
Senior Veterans Liaison
The Veterans Transitional Housing Program
The Doe Fund, Inc.
89-111 Porter Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11237
P: 718-417-2516
E:  tpopowich@Doe.org

Thomas Popowich, MSW
Senior Veterans Liaison
The Veterans Transitional Housing Program
The Doe Fund, Inc.
89-111 Porter Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11237
P: 718-417-2526