Job Opportunity: Account Manager, Recruitment & Placement at Seedco

September 21, 2011 | Jobs & Internships

Range: high 40s to mid 50s depending on experience.

Account Manager, Recruitment & Placement – Harlem/BX/Lower Manhattan/LIC
(Ref# 11-08)

About Seedco:

Seedco is a $60+ million national nonprofit organization that works with

local partners to create economic opportunities for disadvantaged job
seekers, workers and neighborhood entrepreneurs. Seedco uses practical,
effective strategies to address the challenges confronting individuals who
are struggling to leave poverty and achieve economic progress. Working on
these issues for more than two decades, Seedco is a leader in implementing
innovative, multi-partner initiatives that foster financial advancement and
security. Please visit www.seedco.org for more information.

The Workforce1 Career Center:
Seedco manages the Upper Manhattan Workforce1 Career Center through a
contract with the New York City Department of Small Business Services
(SBS). The center involves a partnership of agencies and organizations
working together to provide a full array of employment services including
career advisement, job search counseling, skills training and job placement
and retention services that are matched to the staffing needs of the
business community.

Position Overview:
Seedco is seeking qualified candidates for a full-time Account Manager for
Recruitment and Placement at the Upper Manhattan Workforce1 Career Center
located on West 125th Street. Our Recruitment and Placement team consists
of eight account managers reporting to a Senior Account Manager who jointly
serve the high volume of job seekers seeking employment through our center.
We focus on meeting a minimum of 90 placements per week as a team with the
goal of serving employers with high quality service as reflected in
recruit-to-hire ratios of at least 3:1. It is therefore important that the
candidate be team-oriented, problem-solving, professionally-driven and
highly-motivated to: 1) generate and maintain a consistently high number of
satisfied employers; and 2) match the right candidates to all job openings
generated by the team. Relevant and up-to-date knowledge of the NYC job
market is essential. Please note that we are not looking for traditional
job developers focused on individual weekly and monthly placement quotas.

Developing a recruiting plan for each employer outlining the
timeframe, outcomes and processes to be used to satisfying the hiring
Sharing secured job order information with the team; training them on
the specific nuances of each employer seeking to interview
Conducting outreach for appropriate potential jobseekers as necessary
utilizing all available marketing resources;
Working with the team to identify appropriate job seekers from within
the center; efficiently prescreening them for referral to all
employers served by the team;
Recruiting appropriate job seekers from referral partners and other
relevant agencies and institutions to prescreen them for referrals to
all employers;
Identifying and developing referral partnerships with training
providers, schools, trade associations, or other entities to meet
with job seekers with skills relevant to employer requirements;
Complying with administrative responsibilities including follow-up
with employers on hiring status and updating progress notes on
interview results of job seekers;
Tracking referrals and placements on a daily and weekly basis;
Working with employers to identify customized training and other
needs and connecting them to appropriate services provided through
our Business Solutions Centers; and
Other and all related tasks as necessary and required.

Bachelor’s Degree required;
At least 3 years of directly related experience required;
Excellent written and oral communication skills;
Strong interpersonal skills and demonstrated experience in a
team-based work environment;
Must be articulate, motivating and possess strong sales skills;
Ability to communicate effectively with people of diverse cultures
and backgrounds
Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-volume, target oriented
Existing contacts within businesses and experience presenting to
business/industry preferred; and
Bilingual Spanish/English a plus

Alex Saavedra
Vice President/Director
Upper Manhattan Workforce1 Career Center
215 West 125th Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10027
T: 917 493 7053
E: asaavedra@seedco.org
W: www.nyc.gov/nycbusiness