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Stephen Crohn, Who Furthered AIDS Study, Dies at 66

September 25, 2013 | Alumni

Beginning in 1978, Stephen Crohn cared for Jerry Green, a handsome gymnast, as he lost 30 pounds, went blind and was ravaged by the kinds of infections that rarely harmed otherwise healthy people.

Marshall Berman, Professor, Dies at 72

September 16, 2013 | Faculty

Marshall Berman, an author, academic, philosopher and lyrical defender of modernism, Karl Marx and his native New York City, died on Wednesday in Manhattan. He was 72.

David S. Landes, Historian and Author, Is Dead at 89

September 11, 2013 | Alumni

David S. Landes, a distinguished Harvard scholar of economic history, saw tidal movements in the rise of seemingly small things. He suggested that the development of eyeglasses made precision tools possible. Maybe, he said, using chopsticks helped Asian workers gain the manual dexterity needed to make microprocessors.

Martin L. Gross, Critic of Big Government, Dies at 88

September 5, 2013 | Alumni

Martin L. Gross, a writer whose books criticizing government spending and taxation became best sellers in the 1990s and were embraced more recently by supporters of the Tea Party, died on Aug. 21 in Ocala, Fla. He was 88.