Al Ruscio, Character Actor and Acting Teacher, Dies at 89

November 15, 2013 | Faculty

Al Ruscio, a film, television and stage actor who was also a noted acting teacher and served on the board of directors of the Screen Actors Guild, died in his home on Nov. 12. He was 89.

Major Owens, 77, Education Advocate in Congress, Dies

October 29, 2013 | Faculty

Major R. Owens, a former librarian who went to Congress from Brooklyn and remained there for 24 years, fighting for more federal aid for education and other liberal causes, died on Monday in Manhattan. He was 77.

Jean Anyon Dies at 72; Wrote ‘Ghetto Schooling’

October 2, 2013 | Faculty

Professor Anyon, who died on Sept. 7 at 72, was one of the first people to study that landscape in detail — and among the first to assert that without accompanying social reforms like job creation, antipoverty initiatives and urban renewal, the problems of education in urban, poor areas would never be surmounted.

Marshall Berman, Professor, Dies at 72

September 16, 2013 | Faculty

Marshall Berman, an author, academic, philosopher and lyrical defender of modernism, Karl Marx and his native New York City, died on Wednesday in Manhattan. He was 72.

Jerome Karle, Nobelist for Crystallography, Dies at 94

June 17, 2013 | Faculty, Uncategorized

Jerome Karle, who shared the 1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with a former college classmate for creating what is now an essential tool in the development of new drugs, died on June 6 at a hospice in Annandale, Va. He was 94.

Dr. Joyce Brothers, On-Air Psychologist Who Made TV House Calls, Dies at 85

May 20, 2013 | Faculty

Joyce Brothers, a former academic psychologist who, long before Drs. Ruth, Phil and Laura, was counseling millions over the airwaves, died on Monday at her home in Fort Lee, N.J. She was 85.

Gerald W. Lynch, Who Fought to Save John Jay College, Dies at 76

April 19, 2013 | Faculty, Staff

Gerald W. Lynch, who led the fight to preserve John Jay College of Criminal Justice when it was threatened with closing or merger because of New York City’s fiscal crisis, died on Wednesday at his home in Bridgehampton, N.Y. He was 76.

Irwin Oreskes, professor emeritus at NYC’s Hunter College who taught lab science, dies at 86

March 4, 2013 | Faculty

A professor emeritus at New York City’s Hunter College who studied biochemistry and taught laboratory science has died. Irwin Oreskes was 86.

Burying Transactional Solidarity

January 30, 2013 | Faculty

Fitch was at the end of his life on the faculty of Laguardia College after stints as an organizer, journalist, and independent scholar often living on the fringes of what had become by late century a rather charmless bohemianism. He was, however, by no means obscure having authored what some regard as two classics of radical history, The Assassination of New York and Solidarity for Sale. A memorial brought out approximately 50 friends, admirers and associates to whom Left Business Observer editor Doug Henwood delivered an affecting and eloquent remembranceof Fitch’s life and work. What came as a bit of a surprise to those unfamiliar with Fitch’s role in the left culture of New York City were the questions which followed: most were, to a greater or lesser degree, hostile, criticizing Fitch’s work as divisive and accusing him of functioning as de facto ally of capital.

Spanish literature scholar Isaias Lerner dies

January 11, 2013 | Faculty

Isaias Lerner, an internationally acclaimed specialist in Miguel de Cervantes who taught for more than four decades at the City University of New York, died of lung cancer in Manhattan on January 8.