Slavery and Emancipation:

Voices from the Days of Slavery at American Folklife Center

Interview with Irene Williams

Interview with Wallace Quarterman


Civil Rights

Malcolm X: “Message to the Grassroots”

Martin Luther King, Jr.: “I Have A Dream”

Fannie Lou Hamer: “Testimony before the Credentials Committee, Democratic National Convention on August 22, 1964 in Atlantic City, NJ.”


Women’s Equality

Interview with Sarah Weddington, Roe v. Wade Attorney

PBS Presents POV Featuring Shirley Chisholm


First Amendment:

ACLU interview and poetry slam with Sekou the
misfit and Steve Connell


Workers’ Rights:

La Guardia Radio broadcast

Labor Songs at

“Talking Union”


Gay Rights:

New York Times: A Video Report on Gay and Lesbian homeless youth

Queer Cultural Center Presents Audio and Video of GLBTQ Academics, Performers and Activists


Westward Expansion:

Thinking about a Pioneer Experience: Play Oregon Trail



Four Freedoms: 

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “Four Freedoms”

Eleanor Roosevelt: “Address to the United Nations General Assembly: On the Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”



World War II:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation”

Elie Wiesel: “The Perils of Indifference”

Frank Capra’s 1940s Film: “Why We Fight: Prelude to War”


Cold War:

John F. Kennedy: “Ich Bin Ein Berliner”

John F. Kennedy: “Cuban Missile Crisis Address to the Nation”

Civil Defense Films at the Prelinger Archives

“Duck and Cover”

“Make Mine Freedom”



John F. Kennedy: “Civil Rights Address” upon the admission of black students to Alabama University


Freedom Riders:

PBS Presents “Eyes on the Prize”

Video of Freedom Riders telling their stories