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The Constitution and Suffrage

Jefferson and the Election of 1800

Contested Elections and the
    Electoral College

America at Mid-Century

Civil War


Women’s Suffrage

Women Get the Vote

Jim Crow

A New Deal for Workers

Big City Voting

Native Americans and Chinese
    Get the Vote

Civil Rights

The Promised Land

Puerto Rican Voters

New Voices

Mexican American Voters


I am very pleased to join with you in celebrating the launch of this CUNY/New York Times Knowledge Network Voting Rights and Citizenship website and accompanying Calendar, which together form a new and timely resource designed to inspire participation in civic life by educating students, teachers, and the general public about American history.

The 17-month, print Calendar is the first of its kind and is a living work in progress through this website, its associated curriculum, and links to other voting and citizenship sites. Combined, these print and online publications will reach millions of people in New York City, across the country, and around the world. Intended for a national and international audience, efforts are underway to distribute the Calendar and curricula to the nation's educators and major colleges and universities. A special collaboration has been arranged with the New York City Department of Education.

The subject of the Calendar is the brainchild of Vice Chancellor for University Relations and Secretary of the Board of Trustees Jay Hershenson, who has for many years, with the help of Director of City Relations John Kotowski, coordinated CUNY's multi-faceted . . . continued

Matthew Goldstein,

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