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La constitución y el sufragio

Jefferson y la elección de 1800

Las elecciones controversiales
    y el Colegio Electoral

América a mediados del siglo

La Guerra Civil

La Reconstrucción

El sufragio femenino

Las mujeres logran el derecho al voto

Jim Crow

Un nuevo trato para los obreros

La votación en ciudades grandes

Los americanos nativos y los chinos
    obtienen el derecho de votar

Los derechos civiles

La tierra prometida

Los votantes puertorriqueños

Nuevas voces

Los votantes mexico-americanos

Opiniones Estudiantiles

p. 2 of Milestones
“If we can vote for the best performer on the TV show “American Idol,” we should certainly vote in elections that profoundly affect our future.”
Tim Duffy
Queens College

p. 4 Milestones
“Democracy does not entitle us to blindly allow our leaders to make decisions without oversight. Voting is extremely important in this respect because we are the ultimate overseers with the power to make a difference in the way we choose our leaders.”
Kathlene M. Burke
Baruch College

“Voting is power. Voting makes the difference between complaining about the governmental system or being an active part in its reconstruction. It is the responsibility of every eligible American to vote because collectively we can transform this country.”
Roxanna Thomas
York College

“My vote is my voice . . . and the voice of all who struggled, so that I may have my voice.”
Lyida C. Obasi
Lehman College

“We fought for democracy and we have gotten it, now is the time to practice it. The only way to practice democracy is to exercise your power to vote!”
Redeemer Amedzekor,
City College of New York

“Our elected officials are able to regulate even the most personal aspects of our lives, from the cleanliness of the air we breathe to the identity of the people we marry. Keeping this in mind, casting a ballot is not just essential - it’s practical!”
Maria Rubio
Brooklyn College

“We have already witnessed that our leaders do not care to understand the extent of our problems. We can change this by exercising our right to vote, and encouraging others to do so as well. Then, and only then, will our leaders consider our political ideas.”
Aida Figueroa
La Guardia Community College

“As a child growing up with parents who were immigrants and had no voice in their country, I was able to see the importance of voting. When my parents became American citizens they took me and my siblings into the voting booth with them every time.”
Sonia Zobdeh
Brooklyn College

“Voting to me is life, not voting is certain death.”
Agnes Abraham
Medgar Evers College

“An individual who decides not to vote gives away his or her right to determine the quality of life he or she will live.”
Jody Ann Graham
Baruch College


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