The Constitution and Suffrage

Jefferson and the Election of 1800

Contested Elections and the
    Electoral College

America at Mid-Century

Civil War


Women’s Suffrage

Women Get the Vote

Jim Crow

A New Deal for Workers

Big City Voting

Native Americans and Chinese
    Get the Vote

Civil Rights

The Promised Land

Puerto Rican Voters

New Voices

Mexican American Voters

Voting Information Links

  1. NYS Voter Registration Forms and Information From CUNY:
  2. Project Vote Smart:
  3. New Millennium Young Voters Project:
  4. Rock the Vote:
  5. Youth Vote Coalition:
  6. MTV Choose or Lose:
  7. The League of Women Voters - Democracy Net
  8. Annenberg Political Fact Check
  9. League of Women Voters
  10. New York Public Interest Research Group
  11. New York City News and Policy
  12. Demos - Unlock the Block: Release the Vote!:
  13. Demos - A Network for Ideas and Action:
  14. Don't Block My Vote:
  15. Generation Vote
  16. Smack Down Your Vote!
  17. The Andrew Goodman Foundation:
  18. The Living Room Candidate:
  19. Electoral Vote. Com
  20. Rasmussen Reports
  21. Center for Puerto Rican Studies

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