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 Urban Politics: Machines and
 African-Americans and the
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 Jim Crow and the Fight for
Civil Rights

The City University of New York in partnership with The New York Times Knowledge Network is pleased to offer the internet version of the Voting Rights and Citizenship 7/8th and 11th grade history curricula. In these curricula, developed by the La Guardia and Wagner Archives at La Guardia Community College/CUNY, students will learn about the history of voting rights through the analysis of original documents, such as letters, newspapers, photographs, cartoons and maps, bringing history alive for students by looking at how people perceived events at that time.

To link history to the present, the curricula are designed to be used in conjunction with The New York Times. Each lesson contains questions developed by The New York Times Knowledge Network to connect lesson themes with events and trends in modern life. Students can respond to and research these questions by using current issues of The New York Times, allowing them to discover how contemporary issues relate to each lesson.

This curriculum is specifically designed to help students analyze primary source documents and to identify main ideas as well as providing supporting evidence and comparing points of view. These lessons are designed to meet the standards of the New York State Board of Regents Core Curriculum and to help students prepare for 8th grade Intermediate Level Social Studies Exam and the11th grade United States History and Government Regents Exam.

These curricula received invaluable help from teachers in New York City’s Department of Education, including its City Hall Academy. Thanks to the financial support of JPMorgan Chase and TIAA-CREF, the project will enable hundreds of teachers to receive the curricula and The New York Times at no cost. All teachers are encouraged to explore this distinctive interactive curriculum and provide constructive feedback.

Teachers may visit for information on receiving New York Times delivery for classroom use.

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