First Ladies
 Women in Politics
 Settlement Houses
Lillian Wald
 20,000 Women Strike for
Workers’ Rights
 Eleanor Roosevelt
The World's First Lady
 Women and War Work
 Mitsuye Endo
Persevering for Justice
 Black Suffrage and the Struggle
for Civil Rights
 Feminism and the Women's
 Dolores Huerta - Si Se Puede
 Women in Science
 Title IX and the Rise of
Women's Athletics



Jay Hershenson

Richard K. Lieberman

Sarah Crossley
Steven A. Levine

Tara Jean Hickman
Susan Landaira

Joe Margolis

Abigail Sturges

B. Webb Eaken

Eduvina Estrella

Soraya Ciego-Lemur
Douglas Di Carlo
Maureen Drennan
Oleg Kleban
Karen Peters
Kate Zou


Blanche Wiesen Cook, Distinguished Professor, History, John Jay College Graduate Center

Marcia M. Gallo, History, Lehman College

Carol Groneman, History, John Jay College Graduate Center

Gail O. Mellow, President, La Guardia Community College

Barbara Winslow, School of Education, Brooklyn College


Suzy Edelstein, Deputy Director, United Neighborhood Houses

Tara James, Associate Director, Sarah Lawrence College Women’s History Program

Sarah Henry Lederman,
History Teacher, The Dalton School

Ward Mintz, Deputy Director for Programs and Collections The Newark Museum

Priscilla Murolo, Director, Sarah Lawrence College Women’s History Program

Susan O’Malley, Chair, University Faculty Senate

Karen Rader, Science, Technology and Society, Sarah Lawrence College

Greg Robinson, History, University of Quebec, Montreal

Roy Rosenzweig, CAS Distinguished Scholar, History, Director of the Center for History and New Media, George Mason University.

Elizabeth Small, Assistant Program Officer, The Center for the Study of Women and Society, CUNY Graduate Center

Robert Smith, School of Public Affairs, Baruch College

Nancy Struna, American Studies, Sport History, University of Maryland


Herb Allison, Chairman and CEO,

Sarah Aponte, Librarian, Dominican
Studies Institute, City College of New York

Michael Arena, University Director of Media Relations, CUNY

Jean Ashton, Director Columbia University Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Anny Bakalian, Associate Director
Middle East and Middle Eastern American Center (MEMEAC)
CUNY Graduate Center

Nan Bauer-Maglin, Academic Director, CUNY Baccalaureate Program

Lindsey Bauman, Kansas State Collegian

André Beckles, Photographer/
Production Coordinator
University Relations, CUNY

Felisa Bienstock, La Guardia Community College

Linda Borish, History, Western Michigan University

Selma Botman, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, CUNY

Stephen Brier, Vice President for
Information Technology and External Programs, CUNY Graduate Center

Brooklyn College, Office of Alumni Affairs

Shanequa Bush, Executive Secretary to the Vice Chancellor for University Relations, CUNY

Kim Buxton, Office of University Relations, CUNY

Denise Calise, Visiting Nurse Association

Marilyn Cervino, Photo Sales Department, The New York Times

Lorraine Cohen, Social Sciences, La Guardia Community College

Leonard Colica, Senior Vice President, JPMorgan Chase

Phyllis Collazo, New York Times Photo Archives

Anna Commitante, Executive Director, City Hall Academy

Carol Conslato, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

Bernard Crystal, Curator of Manuscripts Columbia University Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Kimberly  Davis, Senior Vice President, JPMorgan Chase

Rosamond Dana, Special Assistant for Academic Affairs, CUNY Graduate Center

Stephanie Doba, Corporate Sponsorships Manager, Newspaper in Education, The New York Times Knowledge Network

Carol Downey, Department of Cultural Affairs, New York City

Ellen Doukoullos
Marketing Manager, Newspaper in Education The New York Times Knowledge Network

Robert Edelstein
The New York Times

Randy Fader-Smith, La Guardia Community College

Carmen Farina, Deputy Chancellor for Teaching & Learning, New York City Department of Education

Susan Farkas, Chief of Television and Radio, United Nations

Michele Forsten, Director of Communications, New York City College of Technology

Bill Freeland, Director, Marketing and Communication, La Guardia Community College

John Garvey, Associate Dean for Collaborative Programs, CUNY

Erika Gottfried, Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Archives, New York University

Pat Gray, Office of University Relations, CUNY

Ted Gullo, Regional Sponsorship
Manager, TIAA-CREF

Cheryl Halpern, Senior Vice President,
JPMorgan Chase

Audrey Harrigan, Executive Associate, COPE Program, La Guardia Community College

William B. Harrison, Jr., Chairman and
CEO JPMorgan Chase

Julio L. Hernandez-Delgado, Archivist, Hunter College Archives and Special Collections

Pedro Juan Hernandez, Archivist, Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos, Hunter College

Maggie Hilgenberg, Manager for Academic Systems, La Guardia Community College

Thomas Hladek, La Guardia Community College

Bruce Hoffacker, Executive Associate to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs La Guardia Community College

Mark Hsaio, Department of Cultural Affairs, New York City

Luz Jimenez, Assistant to the Director of City Relations, CUNY

Landon Jones, Assistant to Muriel Siebert, Muriel Siebert & Co.

Peter Katopes, Vice President for Academic Affairs, La Guardia Community College

Thomas Kessner, Distinguished Professor, History, CUNY Graduate Center

John Kotowski, Director of City Relations, CUNY

Carl Lee, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

Kate Levin, Department of Cultural Affairs, New York City

Thomas Lisanti, New York Public Library, Rights and Reproduction Division

Eric Lugo, Chief of Staff, Office of Margarita Lopez

Mailroom Staff, La Guardia Community College

Ernesto Malave, Vice Chancellor, Office of Budget and Finance, CUNY

David Manning, Director of Media Relations, CUNY Graduate Center

Zoya Marintseva, La Guardia Community College

Rosemary Markowski, Director, Client Services, TIAA-CREF

Helen Marshall, Queens Borough President

Roberta Matthews, Provost, Brooklyn College

Katie Meese, Assistant to Don Tassone, Manager, External Relations, Procter and Gamble Beauty

Diane McNulty, Group Director of Community Affairs and Media Relations, The New York Times

John Mogulescu, Senior University Dean for Academic Affairs and Dean of School for Professional Studies, CUNY

Jay Mwamba, Communications/Public Relations, City College

Alyse Myers, Vice President, Marketing Services, The New York Times

Thomas Newell, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

Livia Nieves, Web Designer, CUNY

Barbara Niss, Archivist, Mount Sinai Medical Center

Timothy G. Noble, Vice President, JP Morgan Chase

Felice Nudelman, College Marketing Manager, The New York Times Knowledge Network

Ronald Paynter, La Guardia Community College

Queens College, Alumni Relations Department

Joanne Reitano, History, La Guardia Community College

Marge Rice, Office of Media Relations and Publications, Lehman College

Eneida Rivas, Office of College and Community Relations, La Guardia Community College

Rita Rodin, University Director, Public Information, CUNY

Melissa Rodriguez, La Guardia Community College

Dean M. Rogers, Archivist, Vassar College Archives

John Rothman, Archivist, Mina Rees Library Archives, CUNY Graduate Center

Virginia Sanchez-Korrol, Department of History, Brooklyn College

Victor Santana, Alumni Relations, Hostos Community College

Mel Schiff, retired New York City teacher

Claire Shulman, former Queens
Borough President

Daniel Shure, Managing Editor, CUNY.edu

Lisl Stanton, Vice President, JP Morgan Chase

Linda Stein, Artist

Vanda Stevenson, La Guardia Community College

John Kuo Wei Tchen, Director, Asian/Pacific/American Studies, New York University

Maria Terrone, Office of Communications, Queens College

Christian Tirado, Program Director,
Hispanic Federation

Jocelyn K. Wilk, Assistant Director, University Archives & Columbiana Library, Columbia University

Laura Winter, Vice President, JP Morgan Chase



Dolores M. Fernandez, President, Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College

Marcia V. Keizs, President, York College

Gail O. Mellow, President, Fiorello H. La Guardia Community College

Regina Peruggi, President, Kingsborough Community College

Jennifer Raab, President, Hunter College

Marlene Springer, President, The College of Staten Island

Kathleen M. Waldron, President, Baruch College
Carolyn G. Williams, President, Bronx Community College

Mary Lu Bilek, Interim Dean, The City University School of Law




Valerie Lancaster Beale, Investment Banker, M.R. Beal & Company

Rita DiMartino, former Vice-President, Congressional Relations, AT&T

Kathleen M. Pesile, founder, Pesile Financial Group

Carol A. Robles Roman, Deputy Mayor for Legal Affairs, New York City

Nilda Soto Ruiz, Director, The School Administration and Supervision Program, Touro College

Lauren Fasano, Ex Officio voting member, Board of Trustees; Chairperson, University Student Senate

Susan Gushee O’Malley, Ex Officio member, Board of Trustees; Chair, University Faculty Senate

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The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
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