First Ladies
 Women in Politics
 Settlement Houses
Lillian Wald
 20,000 Women Strike for
Workers’ Right
 Eleanor Roosevelt
The World's First Lady
 Women and War Work
 Mitsuye Endo
Persevering for Justice
 Black Suffrage and the struggle
for Civil Rights
 Feminism and the Women's
 Dolores Huerta - Si Se Puede
 Women in Science
 Title IX and the Rise of
Women's Athletics

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Welcome from the Chancellor

I am delighted to celebrate the publication of the CUNY/New York Times Knowledge Network 2006 Women’s Leadership Calendar. For too long, women’s history has been confined to the margins, and this fascinating resource moves it to the forefront by highlighting the role of women as leaders in family, community, public service, business, labor, and society. Each month of this richly illustrated calendar concentrates on a particular theme, such as civil rights and suffrage, motherhood, and women’s liberation, and, at the same time, recognizes individual women who have made remarkable contributions to society, from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt to United Farm Workers leader Dolores Huerta. I am very pleased and proud that the calendar includes the accomplishments of CUNY alumnae since the founding of Hunter College as a women’s school in 1870 up to the present day.

The calendar is part of a larger CUNY project to understand and inspire women’s leadership by exploring its historical context and investigating its current challenges, through the October 14, 2005, Women’s Leadership Conference, coordinated by Pat Gray, CUNY’s director of corporate relations and special events, an associated Web site, and.. continued



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