Dr. Matthew Goldstein Incubator Network launched with $7.5M grant announced by Chancellor Matthew Goldstein.
Library scene Reborn Library joins Georgian elegance & 21st-century technology at Brooklyn College.
Valued Vets honored for decades of CUNY service at new recognition ceremony.
Yashotha Rajeswaran More Minority Diplomats: CUNY responds to call by City College alumnus Colin Powell.
Image of a student Students Reap Benefits of Technology Fee with new wireless networks & more services.
Philip Berry From ‘60s Activist to Corp Exec: Philip Berry made the journey with two CUNY degrees.
Six Centuries of Art Six Centuries of Art in Queens College museum show.
Prof. Walter Cerf Philosopher Turns Philanthropist: Prof. Walter Cerf‘s $6.5M bequest to Brooklyn College for the arts.

$7.5M State Grant Launches Incubator Network

Students Reaping Benefits of Technology Fee

Georgian Elegance, 21st-Century Technology Joined in Reborn Brooklyn College Library

Launching LaGuardia Students Toward Animal Planet

From ’60s Activist Ranks to Executive Suite

Digging the City’s Past

Poet Laureate Collins Takes his Cue on Evil

A WWII Mobilization in The Tale of The Ticker

Subversive Feminist Julia De Burgos Celebrated at Hostos

Italian "Enemy Alien" Experience in WWII

Museum at Queens College Spans Six Centuries of Art

Celebrating Scholarly “Pleasures of the Mind”

Valued Vets Toasted at the Central Office

CUNY Responds to Powell’s Call for More Minority Diplomats

LaGuardia and Lehman Honored for Freshman Year Programs

Former Brooklyn College Philosopher Turns Philanthropist

Sergeon General carmona From From High School Dropout to Surgeon General: A kid from Harlem gets a second chance at CUNY and excels.
a man looking at something Surprising State of Health for Bronx River is revealed by a Lehman College marine research lab.
Carol A. Robles Four New Trustees including the Deputy Mayor for Legal Affairs.
Pataki signing a document Governor Signs bill allowing undocumented immigrants in-state tuition.
Ashley Jovine Never Too Early: Ashley Jovine loves reading in her Family College class while her mom attends college.
Warren Lustig speaking “60 Minutes” Magic during TV Boot Camp with CBS senior producer/alumnus Warren Lustig.
women with usa flag Vigils, Bells, Eloquence & moments of silence make up 9/11 anniversary observances.
Nelida perez Preserving Puerto Rican History: Center at Hunter College archives the diaspora of a people.
Contents October 2002

From High School Dropout to Surgeon General – Thanks to BCC

Extending the Lifespan of Learning

The Bronx: A Thriving River Runs Through It

Chancellor's Message: Celebrating CUNY Poets

Two Bills for CUNY Signed by Governor

Colleges Set Out Welcome Mats For First “CUNY Week” Outreach

New Technology: Two Conferences

Celebrating the Pleasures of Literature

The Public and Private Lives of Eleanor Roosevelt

Capturing the Life of a Complex General

TV Boot Camp Gives Students Taste of “60 Minutes” Magic

Big Cats' Novels Change America

Imagining Hopper

New Stars in Faculty Firmament

John Jay Law Enforcement News Honored for Articles on 9/11

Preserving the History of the Puerto Rican Diaspora

Vigils, Bells, Art, Eloquence—and Silence: Campuses Observe September 11

Three WTC Workers from City Tech Receive Scholarships

Future Holds New Home, New Master’s for CUNY’s School of Architecture

N.J. State Human Resources Executive Comes to CUNY

Hostos Goes Electronic on the Grand Concourse

New Shuttle Service Eases Lehman Commute

Leap in Fall Enrollment

CUNY Board Adopts State Early Retirement Plan