Summer Conference on Teaching Holocaust at Queensborough

The first conference in the nation to explore the teaching of Holocaust and Genocide Studies at community colleges will take place on August 10-11 at Queensborough Community College, under the auspices of the College’s Holocaust Resources Center, which is now celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Dr. William Shulman, the founder and director of the Center, calls the Holocaust “a watershed in the 20th century” that has had “an impact on everything that has happened since.” Emphasizing the importance of the subject for the 21st-century classroom, he observes, “Genocide studies are crucial. . .learning from the darkest eras of human history is essential for the understanding of ethical behavior.”

The conference will bring together those who have already taught these subjects and those interested in instituting them. Sessions will be hosted by professors nationwide. Among the presentations will be “The Social Psychology of the Holocaust: Exploring Human Behavior in Extremity,” “Genocide and the Holocaust: From the Armenians to the Trial of Slobodan Milosevic,” and “Literature and History: Natural Partners in Teaching about the Holocaust.” For more information on the conference contact Dr. Shulman at 718-281-5770 or WShulman@

Housed in Queensborough’s Library, the Center—the only one of its kind serving New York City and Long Island—offers a series of public lectures, collaborates in curriculum development; offers both Center and traveling exhibits; and has loan programs that draw from its thousands of volumes and hundreds of videos on the Holocaust and related subjects.

The Holocaust Resources Center, on the Bayside campus, is open M-Th 9 to 4; F 9 to 3; and one Sunday a month 10 to 2 (its web site is HolocaustCenter/).

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