A deeply committed network of staff and faculty at each ASAP college are responsible for day-to-day operations and for the delivery of ASAP’s high-touch support and comprehensive programming. Each ASAP college team includes a director, enough advisors to support an average caseload of 140 students, a career and employment specialist, administrative support that includes data management staff, and tutors as needed. Staff at the ASAP Central Office are responsible for overall program administration.


Central Office

Donna Linderman and The CUNY ASAP Central Office Team

While representative of our community college population, our students’ outcomes are anything but typical. They defy expectation through their intelligence, tenacity, and … a strong desire to achieve great things and contribute to our City. They are supported by a dedicated ASAP team at each college, who are deeply committed to student success.




  • Donna Linderman, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Christine Brongniart, Interim ASAP University Executive Director
  • Kannaki Bharali, Research Associate
  • Ryan Hamilton, Outreach Coordinator
  • Mary Hiebert, Assistant Director for Replication and Program Development
  • Zineta Kolenovic, Expansion and Replication Specialist
  • Lesley Leppert, Director for Program Management and Administration
  • Vincent Liu, Software Developer
  • Alexis Montano, Senior Database and Systems Manager
  • Francis Mosquito, Associate Director for Budget and Fiscal Administration
  • Grace O, Special Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Shaun Rasmussen, Director for External Relations and Engagement
  • Elizabeth Rincon, Coordinator for Staff Development and Training
  • Diana Strumbos, Senior Director of Research and Evaluation for Student Success Initiatives
  • Alex Tavares, Evaluation and Data Coordinator
  • Dr. Theresa Williams, Director for STEM Initiatives and Special Projects

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Borough of Manhattan Community College

Deanne Southwell, Ed.D. and Team2014_05_15_unv_asapbmcc_119

It is an honor to serve as the Executive Director of ASAP at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC). For the past 15 years, I have worked in higher education supporting programs through academic support services, student affairs and social action. These positions have focused not only on retention but on the holistic development of students as civic-minded leaders. I am excited about the opportunity to utilize these experiences to further promote academic, professional and personal development for the ASAP students at BMCC.
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Olga Adame, Academic Advisor
Milan Ahye, Academic Advisor
Roxanne Allen, Academic Advisor
Marco Alverio, Academic Advisor
Natasha D. Apanah, Academic Advisor
Ray Bartholomew, Associate Director
Andrew Bartholomew, Database Coordinator
Mercedes Brazier-Thurman, Academic Advisor
Ainsworth Brown, Evening/Weekend Academic Advisor
Wayne Carey, Academic Advisor
Abraham Cherrin, Academic Advisor
Nancy Cintron, Academic Advisor
Cassandra Constant, Academic Advisor
Beth Cooperman, Career & Employment Specialist
Christina Cross, Academic Advisor
Tracey Douglas, Academic Advisor
Anny Garcia, Academic Advisor
Sherrell Holderman, Academic Advisor
Quenta Howard, Recruitment Coordinator
Tom Huang, Academic Advisor
Colette Hunt, Academic Advisor
Joanne Jaquez, Academic Advisor
James Kariuki, Academic Advisor
Sharena Kevelier, Academic Advisor
Ann Lo, Financial Aid Coordinator
Sharon Marazzo, Academic Advisor
Scott McNeight, Academic Advisor
Kat Stephense Mothudi, Academic Advisor
Derrick Pace, Academic Advisor
Karla Padilla, Academic Advisor
Nathaniel Palmer, Academic Advisor
Joyinn Paulin, Associate Director
Jade Powell, Academic Advisor
Josephine Pujols, Academic Advisor
Laisa Quezada, Academic Advisor
Denessa Reid, Engagement Coordinator
Keri Rodney, Academic Advisor
Wendy Rondon-Matos, Academic Program Coordinator
Denessa Rose, Program Coordinator
Roberto Sequeria, Academic Advisor
Daniel Scott, Database Coordinator
Marlena Scott, Academic Advisor
Jodi Shydlo, Academic Advisor
Karine Sipel, Recruitment Specialist
Richard Suarez, Recruitment Specialist
Anita Tarnai, Academic Program Specialist
Dyncie Valdez, Academic Advisor
Cindy Veras, ASAP Assistant
Vanderie Vielie, Academic Advisor
Ahmed Wing, Academic Advisor
Kalia Wright, Academic Advisor
Quinnetta Younge, Academic Advisor
Janice Zummo, Dean for Academic Support Services

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Bronx Community College

Nadine Browne and Team

12 years ago I began my career in higher education as a Freshman Counselor for the Higher Educational Opportunity Program (HEOP) at Hofstra University. Since then I have worked in the areas of Admissions, Financial Aid, Academic Advisement, and Instruction. Most memorable are the 9-years I have dedicated to the promise and pathway to success that the City University of New York (CUNY) Community colleges offers its students. Read more…

Maricela Acevedo, Academic Advisor
Aysmel Aguavivas, Database Coordinator
Eugene Averkiou, Project Manager
Noelia Beltran-Polanco, Academic Advisor
Nicole Benjamin, Academic Advisor
Dennise Bock, Academic Advisor
Thomasina Brown, Academic Advisor
Jessica Cabrera, Associate Director
Rafael Coste, Recruitment Coordinator
Stephanie Elcock, Academic Advisor
Saidia Jacobs, Academic Advisor
Kathleen (Betty) LeCadre, Career & Employment Specialist
Francisco (Javier) Legasa, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
Maria Logothetis, Academic Advisor
Jasmine Caccavelli Garcia Martinez, Academic Advisor
Latema Miller, Academic Advisor
Nicole Monte, Academic Advisor
Noemi Nunez, Academic Advisor
Carmela Oniszko, Academic Advisor
Anthony Parrella, Administrative Coordinator
Majesty Perkins, Academic Advisor
Suemanda Pompey, Academic Advisor
Christina Randall, Academic Advisor
Melanie Robles, Associate Director
Erica Rodriguez, Academic Advisor
Susan Rosario, Recruitment Coordinator
Christopher Saldivar, Admissions Coordinator
Antonia Salerno, Academic Advisor
Nathaniel Smith, Academic Advisor
Johanna Torres, Academic Advisor
Cyd Williams, Academic Advisor

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College of Staten Island

Ivan-Scott LeeIvan-Scott Lee and Team

As a proud graduate of the College of Staten Island (CSI), I am honored to return and lead CSI’s ASAP program. I share in CSI’s mission of providing higher education access and equity, as well as academic excellence through student-centered programs and services. Working with college students has become a truly rewarding part of my life. I find that the experiences I gain working with students on their academic and college transition needs, from admissions to graduation, are nothing but gratifying. As CSI’s ASAP founding Director, I look forward to developing ASAP at CSI and supporting  […]  Read more…

Brittany Crescenzi, Career Employment Specialist
Nina Del Gatto, Academic Advisor
Clarisse Domingo, Academic Advisor
Laura Langworthy, Administrative Coordinator
Giancarlo Mejia, Academic Advisor
Matthew Navarria, Academic Advisor
Ronald Oliva, Program/Data Coordinator
Yvonne Padmore, Academic Advisor
Mary Quezada, Academic Advisor
Nina Salavatore, Academic Support & Supplemental Instruction Coordinator
Melissa Scafiddi, Academic Advisor
Emmanuel Thelusma, Academic Advisor
Christen Trapani, Academic Advisor
Brenda Valentin, Associate Director

Hostos Community College

Laura McGowan and Team

I came to Hostos Community College from LaGuardia Community College, where I spent three years as the Director of Transfer Services and four years as the Director of Academic Support Services, overseeing the advisement needs of 8,000 continuing students.

My passion for–and commitment to–community college students comes from the fact that, I myself started at a community college as a first-generation college student […]

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Nefer Bovea, Academic Advisor
Berkis Cruz-Eusebio, Career & Employment Specialist
Sabrina Gamez, Academic Advisor
Chrystal Joseph, Administrative Assistant
Lissette Jourdain, Academic Advisor
Lauren Millin-Moore, Associate Director
Jaime Olmos, Academic Advisor
Kendra Pinks-Blake, Administrative Coordinator
Ebony Pulley, Academic Advisor
Jessica Powell, Academic Advisor
Sara Rodberg, Academic Advisor
Ancy Skaria, Academic Advisor
Jowayne Turner, Academic Advisor

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John Jay College (A.C.E. program)

Delandra Hunter and Team

It is an honor to lead the John Jay ACE Program and guide students as they work toward completion of bachelor’s degrees. I bring nearly 15 years of leadership experience in facilitating student learning and fostering student progression and retention to John Jay College.

Prior to joining John Jay’s ACE team… Read more…


Alex Blaise, Academic Advisor
Claudia Guevara, Academic Advisor
Jenette Harrison, Administrative Coordinator
Jess Jardine, Academic Advisor
Berlyn Morales
, Academic Advisor
Digmarie Ruiz
, Career Specialist
Hannah Tenadu
, Academic Advisor

Kingsborough Community College

Marie Caty and Team

Prior to stepping in to the role of Interim Director at Kingsborough Community College, I served as Assistant Director and Academic Advisor for the ASAP Program. I had the privilege to work with the administration at Kingsborough Community College starting in 2006 to establish ASAP in preparation for its launch in 2007. As an Academic Advisor, I was able to participate in the planning and recruitment of the first cohort. I was also able to see […]
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Bryant Barksdale, Recruitment Coordinator
Sarah Beck, Academic Advisor
Keston Boyce, Academic Advisor
Uriah Brown, Academic Advisor
Raffaela Cestaro, Supplemental Instruction Coordinator
Robert Cincinnati, Program Coordinator
Victor Cubero, Academic Advisor
Danielle Dacosta, Academic Advisor
Keshia Daniel, Academic Advisor
Jenny Frimpong, Academic Advisor
Roberto Garcia, Academic Advisor
Martha Greasley, Academic Advisor
Trevaughn Hall, Academic Advisor
Marina Kamenetskiy, Academic Advisor
Natasha Lauriston, Academic Advisor
Carey Manifold, Associate Director
Meghan Mayo-Adam, Academic Advisor
Danielle McDonald, Academic Advisor
Devon Nixon, Administrative Coordinator
Nympha Pierre, Career Employment Specialist
Christopher Rodriguez, Academic & Recruitment Coordinator
Juanita Sakil, Administrative Assistant
Herschella Steele, Academic Advisor
Marie Williams, Academic Advisor

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LaGuardia Community College

ASAP LaGCC Fall 20163Ramon De Los Santos and Team

I’m really excited to join an innovated program such as ASAP that is committed to nurturing students’ success while providing them with comprehensive support services throughout their college career. I have spent the last thirteen years working in higher education where I have had the privilege of supporting students’ educational goals in many different capacities and […] Read More…

Josephine Bergin-Ko, Academic Advisor
Marlenes Berroa, Academic Advisor
Charlene Cambridge, Resource Center Coordinator
Clara Chen, Academic Advisor
Steve J. Dauz, Academic Advisor
Alexa Duque, Associate Director
Matthew Eckhoff, Associate Director
Frank Espinal, Academic Advisor
Braimah Habiba, Academic Advisor
Ashari James, Academic Advisor
Nicole Johnson, Academic Advisor
Derrick Lee, Academic Advisor
Catherine Marrero, Recruitment Coordinator
Jenny Mayorga, Academic Advisor
Caroline Mendez, Administrative Assistant
Danny Ng, Recruitment Specialist
Madelyn Nieves, Academic Advisor
Edgard Olivares, Academic Advisor
Aura Paulino, Academic Advisor
Jose Ramos, Academic Advisor
Jason Ronquillo, Academic Advisor
Esther Rosa, Academic Advisor
Rocio Rosado, Career & Employment Specialist
David Roze, Resource Center Coordinator
Daniel Velardo, Academic Advisor
Charis Victory, Academic Advisor
Alice Wong, Academic Advisor
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Medgar Evers College

Jackie Rousseau, Associate Director and Team


Thank you for your interest in ASAP at Medgar Evers College. We are in the process of updating this page. Please see below for current staff listing.

Ruth Adams, Academic Advisor
Christian Anyanwu, Academic Advisor
Josh Davis, College Assistant
Maredona Francois, Academic Advisor
Keisha Johnson, Academic Advisor
Sharon Palmer,Recruitment Specialist
Jackie Rousseau, Associate Director
Sabrina Spadafino, Career Employment Specialist
John Thompson, Administrative Coordinator
Glenda Wallace, Academic Advisor
Nadege Waithe, Program Coordinator
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New York City College of Technology

Yalena_3_ppYelena Bondar and Team

I am honored to lead the expansion of ASAP at New York City College of Technology (City Tech). I have worked in higher education since I was a student myself, always working to guide students in ways that helped them attain their goals. In previous positions there were always many limitations to the support and assistance I could provide the students who came through my offices. With ASAP, however, my office is able to provide an unparalleled level of support to students working toward an associate degree in order to significantly enhance their college experience. I am excited to guide City Tech’s ASAP Program to serve as an extension of the […] Read more…

Michael Alchits, Program Coordinator
Chelsea Alterman, Administrative Coordinator
Emeline Betances, Recruitment Specialist
Malika Bishop, Academic Advisor
Danielle Bourgeois, Academic Advisor
Kelly Carmon, Academic Advisor
Jill Chen, Career Employment Specialist
Marc Grillo, Career Employment Specialist
David Latimer, Academic Advisor
Cassana Fisher-Ramos, Academic Advisor
Maria Robertson, Academic Advisor
Kwesi Samuels, Associate Director
Elizabeth Stevenson, Academic Advisor
Brittany Weeks, Academic Advisor
Jason Worrell, Academic Advisor

Queensborough Community College

Alexandra Pyak and Team

It is an honor to join ASAP family as the Director of ASAP at Queensborough Community College (QCC).  I have worked in Higher Education both in Academic and Student Affairs creating and supporting programs that geared towards student support, engagement and success. I am thrilled to be a part of the ASAP team and continue to utilize the best practices and innovative solutions to create a better future for our students. […] Read more…

Fatima Ali, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Jackeline Almonte, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Stephen Atkins, Career & Employment Specialist
Jane Bertsch-Wells, Associate Director
Sara Brown, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Christina Chala, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Annastacia Charles
, Academic Advisor
Khadijah Cole
, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Lester Corrian
, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Daniella Corvino
, College Assistant
Tishana Daniel
, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Laura Eliscu
, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Rosanna Fernandez
, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Lindsey Fruchter
, Office Assistant
Courtney Fusco
, Associate Director
Krystal Liriano-Gonzalez
, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Stephanie Guilbaud
, Program Coordinator
Stephanie Jerome
, Recruitment Coordinator
Matthew Konkel
, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Angela McAleese
, Academic Advisor
Sharon McPartland
, Associate Director
Anna O’Neal
, Administrative Coordinator
Victoria O’Shea
, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Ranita Ramotar
, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Amanda Tambe
, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Bridget Tambini
, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Landrina Theus
, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Jennifer Williams
, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
Olivia Wong
, Academic Advisor, Student Manager
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