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December 18, 2015 |

Ashley HunteI am an immigrant from the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, in South America. My family and I migrated two years ago to be with my grandparents. I got accepted into Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn but then I realized that my parents could not afford to pay my tuition. So I did everything I possibly could to finance my way through school.

I inquired about every program Medgar Evers had to offer that would help in financing my education, and that’s how I learned about ASAP (Accelerated Study in Associate Programs). Joining ASAP was the best decision I have ever made. The support and assistance I have received from the ASAP staff has allowed me to do better in my classes because I don’t have to worry about textbooks and tuition fees. Through ASAP and their career service specialist, I have had internships and the chance to join programs like America Needs You. America Needs You is a mentorship program that partners with major companies and corporations to provide internship and scholarship opportunities. It also allowed me the opportunity to network with fellow interns from different CUNY colleges throughout the five boroughs.

Through ASAP, I have built friendships with fellow ASAP students from Medgar Evers College and ASAP students from other CUNY colleges. I would encourage other students to join ASAP because of the great support they will receive from the staff, advisors and the tutors that they have available.